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The podcast that reads to you! Great works by (mostly) women. Commentary. Interviews. Cat sounds.

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Episode 05: It Knows My Name


Haunting intensifies! Luke goes for coffee. Hill House has a message for Eleanor. Eleanor suspects everyone and everything. Content warning: alcohol; implied sex; mild gore.

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Episode 04: I Wonder What It Will Do to All of Us


CW: suicide (repeated mentions); alcohol. Exploring Hill House. OUR FIRST DEFINITE HAUNTING ACTION HOO BOY HERE WE GO. Dr. Montague is thrilled. Eleanor and Theodora are terrified (and closer than ever). Luke is... also present in the book.

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Episode 03: It Watches Every Move You Make


CW: brief suicide mention; alcohol. Reading the rest of Chapter 3, plus a special guest! Doctor Montague reluctantly gives the gang the full lowdown on Hill House. Our ragtag group of ghost hunters brave their first night.

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Episode 02: We Never Know Where Our Courage is Coming From


Reading Chapter 2. Dimity curtains, ominous rabbits, and a full cast of characters. It's a summertime funtime at Hill House!

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Episode 01: She Wants Her Cup of Stars


Reading Chapter 1, arguing with cats, and musing over corn sticks. How do you pronounce katydid? Is Hill House haunted, or what? (Yes.)

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The To-Read Pile is produced, hosted, and soundtrackified by Erin Bardua. Looking for info about special guests? That'll be in the episode descriptions.

Series 2's book isĀ By Motor to the Golden Gate by Emily Post.

In Series 1, we read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

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