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Episode 10: It's Always the Mother's Fault


Tasia Alexopoulos, charming and hliarious academic and horror afficionado, reveals her super-failproof plan to foil monsters, ghosts, and other terrors who plan to murder her! We sat down to talk about The Haunting of Hill House and REAL horror, namely, the normative institution of the nuclear family and gendered expectations! Turns out the real ghost was the terrible husbands we met along the way.  Also on deck: MOTHERS, why we love horror, the importance of getting Luke to shut up, the Netflix version, and sooooo much more. CW: Suicide, emotional abuse.

A few timestamps for your interest:

We start with the ending of the book (see content warnings)

37:30 Tasia's expertise on mothers in horror!

48:45 pondering the ending of the Netflix show and its questionable message!

55:45 more about that ending, and mothers!

57:00 some last queerness/aesthetics commentary!

59:50 Tasia's top secret anti-scare tactics for horror lovers and would-be horror lovers!

65:45 Saying goodbye, and how to find Tasia's work!



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Series 2's book is By Motor to the Golden Gate by Emily Post.

In Series 1, we read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

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